50th Book

Harper College, The First 50 Years
William Rainey Harper College: 1967-2017

50th Book CoverHow did open farmland and a horse stables in Palatine, Illinois, give rise to a vast brick-and-glass complex serving some 40,000 students annually? Our proud past, the half-century history of Harper College is recounted in Harper College, The First Fifty Years by retired Harper professor Trygve Thoreson. The five decades span the terms of five presidents--from mover and shaker Robert Lahti, to arm-around-the-shoulders humanist James McGrath, to bridge-builder and technology promoter Paul Thompson, to change agent Robert Breuder, to the college’s current advocate for student success, Kenneth Ender. Harper board members, administrators, faculty, staff and students recall signal events-breakthrough programs and notable accomplishments, memorable encounters; leaps forward and steps backward; debates, delights, and debacles--from the earliest days, to looking forward to our strong future. And all in the context of a place where, as President Thompson once remarked, “Yes, excellence is still the goal.”

About the Author:

Trygve Thoreson enjoyed a thirty-year career teaching English and humanities in the Division of Liberal Arts at William Rainey Harper College. From 1996 to 2003, he served as coordinator of the Honors Program at the college. Professor Thoreson retired in 2014.

The book will be available soon.