Campus Construction


  1. Watch for Wide-load Construction Traffic: March 17 – May 18, 2014. Use caution on the east side of campus.
    Trucks transporting large pre-fabricated sections of the new East Campus Parking Structure will be sharing a section of Kris Howard Blvd from the Construction entrance to Parking Lot 6. These deliveries are wide loads, with panels extending over 40 feet.
  2. Parking Lots 6 and 7 are closed. Parking on the east side of campus will reopen at the beginning of the fall 2014 semester. See Map PDF. Read more...
  3. The Child Learning Center will be using the drop off area in Lot 5 until August 2014, when Lot 6 will reopen.
Construction Is Underway: Check the Construction Map for Updates

Check Construction Map PDF for updates. Select areas on the east side of campus are currently fenced off for construction. Some parking areas and building entrances are closed.

A 4-level Parking Structure is being erected in Lot 7 on the east side of campus. This new parking facility will be open for the fall 2014 semester. Learn about the East Campus Parking Structure project.

See the full Campus Master Plan.

Why is there a giant crane in Harper’s parking lot?

The crane is being used to construct a 4-level parking structure. As part of the College’s Master Plan, we are rehabilitating two buildings on the east side of campus. Concurrently, we are building an adjacent parking structure to accommodate the … Continue reading

Mar 26, 2014
Construction on the East Side of Campus

As you walk around the east end of campus you will notice construction is underway. This work is the next stage of our Campus Master Plan that is kicking off with the $46 million renovation of Building D, one of … Continue reading

May 22, 2013