Building D

Building D: Addition and Renovation, February 2013 - August 2014 UPDATED

  • Lake Drive is accessible and ADA parking spaces are available on the north side of Building D.
  • Watch for Trucks entering campus from the Construction Access Road and accessing Parking Lot 6. Please slow down and be alert.

See Map PDF.

Accessing Building D:

  • Building D will remain open during construction.
  • Select entrances, sidewalks and grounds around Building D are now closed.
  • To reach Building D from the Quad, use the doors on the west half of the building.
  • Parking for Building D is available in Lot 8.

 See Map PDF of construction zone. See Map PDF of closed exits.

Scope: Construct the structural components for the two-story plus basement addition to the east end of Building D.

Project plan:

  • Install additional exits on north side of existing Building D.
  • Close select exits on south side of D Building.
  • Close the sidewalk between Lot 7 and the Quad.
  • Install safety fence around the Phase 1 construction site.
  • Demolish east exit halls D199a and D299d.
  • Perform earthwork for new building pad and excavations for basement areas.
  • Install concrete foundations and structural steel framework.
  • Extend utilities to serve the building addition.
  • Construct addition.

See Map PDF of construction zone.