We strive to ensure a sustainable, healthy community for future generations of students.

Harper College is committed to reducing environmental impact across campus. Through campus up-grades, student coursework, community outreach and individual action, Harper is striving towards carbon neutrality to ensure a healthy, sustainable future at Harper and beyond.

Campus Sustainability Highlight - Peat Pots, Plugs and Plants

Roads and Grounds Crew

Each year Harper’s Roads and Grounds Crew home-grows the plants used for landscaping on campus and it is all happening right now in Harper’s greenhouse.  Small plants called “plugs” are planted in individual pots.  New this spring in the peat pot, a compostable pot made with organic material that is left on the pot when planted, decomposing throughout the season and giving the plant nutrients.  This method of planting reduces the amount of plastic waste generated.  This spring the crew planted over 1,300 plugs.  Continue reading on the Landscape and Biodiversity page

Main Campus Utility Usage

Water Usage Chart
Gas Usage Chart
Electricity Usage Chart

Check back every month for a utility usage update.  Learn about Harper's carbon footprint and how to help reduce environmental impact on campus.

Going Green

Follow the links below to find out how Harper is going green and reducing environmental impact on campus.

Sustainability Resources