We strive to ensure a sustainable, healthy community for future generations of students.

Harper College is committed to reducing environmental impact across campus. Through campus up-grades, student coursework, community outreach and individual action, Harper is striving towards carbon neutrality to ensure a healthy, sustainable future at Harper and beyond.

Sustainability Highlight - Welding Students Leave Their Mark on Campus

Student Fabricated Bike Rack
The Welding Technology department and Harper's sustainability efforts have joined forces to expland infrastructure on campus to promote healthy lifestyles and recreational opportunities. Students in the Welding Fabrication program are making bike racks to be used on campus. The first two bike racks can now be found around campus. We are proud to show off the hard work of these students. Thanks to them for their great work!  

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Main Campus Utility Usage

Water Usage Chart
Gas Usage Chart
Electricity Usage Chart

Check back every month for a utility usage update.  Learn about Harper's carbon footprint and how to help reduce environmental impact on campus.

Going Green

Follow the links below to find out how Harper is going green and reducing environmental impact on campus.

Sustainability Resources