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Promise Scholarship Program Policies

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  • Opportunity to earn tuition-free education at Harper College for participants who meet criteria.
  • This program is not a right. It is an opportunity to earn a scholarship for attending Harper College tuition free. Failure to complete a requirement will result in loss of eligibility.
  • Award Criteria: All students who meet certain criteria with regard to attendance, rigor, quality, persistence and service, for four consecutive years (9th thru 12th grades) and continue through two years at Harper. 
  • Open to all eligible public high school students in Harper's district (Districts 211, 214 and 220).
  • Last money tuition-based scholarship that supports up to 4 semesters of full-time enrollment at Harper College.
  • High school students and parents commit to the program by December 15 of their freshman year. Performance tracking against the criteria measures begins in the second semester freshman year in high school.
  • High school students can continue each year based on performance and student recommitment.
  • Promise students continue to earn benefits semester by semester at Harper.