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Promise Program Status Update

Students Enrolling in Promise, Fall 2015

In fall 2015, the first public high school freshmen (Class of 2019) were given the opportunity to sign up for the Harper Promise Scholarship Program. Of the initial 7,088 students eligible to sign up for the program, 65 percent (approximately 4,600) enrolled.

    Overall  D211  D214 D220   D155
Enrolled in Promise, Fall 2015    %  65.3  64.6  67.9  57.8  29.2
 N  4,625/7,088  2,033/3,149  2,165/3,188  420/727  7/24

Students Continuing in Promise, Fall 2016

Beginning second semester of their freshmen year, these Promise scholars were tracked on the criteria of attendance, rigor/quality, persistence and community service. Approximately 56 percent met all criteria during freshman year. Below is a breakdown by high school district of the students who remain eligible. Tracking of student eligibility will continue through high school and upon enrollment at Harper College.

    Overall  D211  D214 D220   D155
Continuing in Promise, Fall 2016   %  55.7  54.7  53.9  68.3  100.0
 N  2,574/4,625  1,113/2,033  1,167/2,165  287/420  7/7

Continuing in Promise or Reason for Leaving Promise

The charts below provide additional detail regarding the status of students in the Class of 2019 as of the beginning of sophomore year. The majority of students are continuing in the Promise Program. Harper’s high school partners in Districts 211, 214 and 220 are reporting improved attendance from past years, and many students are embracing the opportunity to make a difference. The biggest reason students are no longer eligible for the program is for not meeting the community service requirement (five hours during the spring semester). We will continue to work closely with our high schools to increase the number of students advancing in the Program.




Note: Due to small numbers of students who are leaving Promise due to persistence, that category has been excluded from the figures above.

"As of November 1, 2016"