Free Parking is Available On Campus

Students and visitors park for free in parking spaces marked by yellow lines in our surface lots. No parking stickers are required. Red parking spaces are for faculty and staff who utilize the proper parking permit. 

Occasionally, some lots may have restricted parking due to special events on campus. 

Parking Safety

Emergency call boxes are located on campus, in the parking lots and near the athletic fields. Their locations are marked with a blue light.

The call box is activated with a push-to-talk and release-to-listen button. Utilize these call boxes anytime police services are needed. The Harper College Police Department will respond to any emergency call box activation.

Parking Tickets

Pay tickets, review parking rules and regulations.

East Campus Parking Structure

East Campus Parking Structure
Parking Structure Subscriptions

Get access to one of the 791 parking spaces in the East Campus Parking Structure by purchasing a parking subscription (virtual parking permit). Purchase a parking subscription.

Note: Anyone with the appropriate accessible parking placard or license plate may park in the garage for free -- no subscription required.

Parking in the structure uses a fee-based model.

Fees have been calculated based on incremental operating/maintenance costs and anticipated sales: $135/year, $54/fall or spring semester and $27/summer. This is not designed to be a profit-making venture for the College.

Note: Anyone with the appropriate accessible parking placard or license plate may park in the garage for free -- no subscription required.

Parking structures are more expensive to operate and maintain than our traditional surface parking lots. College funds paid for the construction of the structure, however, there are incremental costs to operate and maintain a parking structure. These incremental costs will be recouped through a fee charged to those who choose to park in the structure. 

Semester-long subscriptions go on sale 60 days prior to the start of the semester. Annual subscriptions go on sale 60 days prior to the fall semester. Subscriptions are sold on a first come basis, as they become available.

The College uses a subscription-based plan that provides users with access to the parking structure for a semester or full year. Subscription is the term used to describe a virtual parking permit. We use a license plate-based recognition system; we are not issuing physical parking permits or hang tags. A parking subscription (aka virtual parking permit) enables you to park in any available space within the parking structure any time of day, seven days a week. There are no reserved (red) spaces. 

The system can accept the registration of up to two vehicles. However, only one vehicle per subscription can be parked in the structure at any given time. You must register the license plate for each vehicle. If you are driving a rental car for an extended period, you can add it as one of the two vehicles. If you drive any vehicle not listed on the account, you will need to park in the surface lots.

The East Campus Parking structure contains 818 spaces, 791 general spaces, 27 accessible spaces.

If subscriptions sell out, we will open a waitlist.

The waitlist is on a first come, first served basis for the next available subscription. You are not charged any fee while on the waitlist.

You will be notified by email should a subscription become available. You will have 72 hours to accept or decline the offered subscription.

  • If you decline the subscription within 72 hours, you will be sent an email confirmation noting that fact.
  • If you accept the subscription within 72 hours, you will be charged the appropriate fee and the license plates you entered will be activated. An email confirmation will be sent.
  • If you do not respond to the email within 72 hours, your name will drop to the bottom of the waitlist

A full or partial refund of a parking structure subscription will be considered if any of the following conditions are met:

  • All of your classes are cancelled by Harper College
  • Call to military active duty
  • For medical reasons (documentation may be required)
  • Semester has not yet begun

A request for refund must be submitted within two weeks after one of these conditions occurs using the Parking Subscription Refund Request online form. The review process may take up to two weeks. If approved, refunds will be issued in the same form the original payment was made. Submit Parking Subscription Refund Request