Student Organizations

Think Tank

Faculty Advisor: Michael B. Horton

Think Tank's first Spring 2016 meeting is January 27 at 4pm in L-218.

Jump into the Think Tank, for honest, intelligent discussion of issues and ideas. 


  • Clancy Nush - President
  • Setu Shah - Vice President
  • Michael Walters - Secretary
  • Giancarlo Rivera Moore - Treasurer

Ethics Bowl

Faculty Advisor: John Garcia 

Ethics Bowl's Spring 2016 meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:45pm in L-218.

Join us in discussing ethical issues that come from case studies and stories about people who are faced with having to make difficult decisions. Simply enjoy the discussion or participate in a competitive tournament, the Annual APPE Two Year College Ethics Bowl. 

In February 2015, Harper's team won the Two-Year College Championship for the second time since the competition's inception three years ago, and became the first team from a two-year institution ever to advance to the quarterfinals in the larger Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Championship. Read News Release.