High School Dual Credit and Articulation

Northwest Suburban Education Career PartnershipFollowing are resources for high school students interested in earning college credit while they are in high school. Be sure to see the background information on concurrent enrollment, dual credit, and articulated credit.

CIS Dual and Articulated Credit Courses

Dual credit allows high school juniors and seniors to earn both high school and college credit at the same time by enrolling in Harper College courses through the school district.

Articulated credit requires successful completion of the high school course with a B or A, and successful completion of the corresponding Harper College course with a C or better.

Regional Courses District 211 District 214 District 220 Harper College Articulation Requirements
B102 Keyboarding / Computer Literacy
B103 Computer Apps I
B162 & B163  or B164 Computer Literacy / Applications 05510, 05520, 05520 Word Processing 3026 Information Processing I,
3543 Computer Applications I
CAS 160 Intro to Business Software Packages Complete CIS 100 or CIS 101
B352 Web Page Dev and Design I (B353 Web Page Dev and Design II recommended) B232 Web Page Design 09020 Intro to Web Design 3653 Web Page Design I WEB 150 Web Development I Pass WEB 150 Bypass Exam and complete WEB 200.
B340 Computer Networking T277 Computer Repair 06741, 06742 Computer Repair   NET 111 A+ Hardware, 
NET 112 A+ OS Technologies
Dual Credit or pass A+ certification exams and complete NET 121 and NET122
        NET 121 Introduction to Networking Dual Credit
        NET 122 Internet Protocols Dual Credit