Honors Program Meetings

For those interested in continuing the Honors experience beyond the classroom, we have weekly meetings of the Harper College Honors Society, which is the extracurricular component.

The meetings feature guest speakers, usually Harper faculty, who lead discussions on topics of interest. These discussions are in fact open to everyone, not just members of the Harper College Honors Program.

February 3

Professor Kelly Page, from the Physical Sciences department, will be coming in to talk about       space and the mysterious “Alien Super-Structure Star”, a star that had astronomers wondering recently if some phenomena they were witnessing were being caused by something that must have been constructed, rather than a natural phenomenon.

February 10

Professor Bobby Summers, from the Political Sciences department, will be coming in to talk about another interesting phenomenon – Donald Trump.  He will also be talking about Bernie Sanders, as, one day after the New Hampshire primary, we will have a sense of whether we heading for one of the most unusual elections in our history with two of the more unusual candidates. 

February 17

Professor Brett Fulkerson-Smith, from the Philosophy department, will be coming in to talk about Star Wars – yes, Star Wars.  He will be talking about some of the ways aspects of various world religions show up in the Star Wars movies.

February 24

Professor Monica Edwards, from the Sociology department, will be coming in to talk about you – well, about Millennials, and what we are to make of you all as a demographic.

March 2 

Professor Charlie Johnston, from the Psychology department – will be with us to discuss the fact that many drugs thought to be fairly benign, like marijuana, are illegal in most states, while many drugs that are linked to serious side effects and addiction are legal and prescribed at an extremely high rate.

March 9

On the evening before our trip to the Shakespeare Theatre to see Othello, Professor Tomasian will let us into the world of Shakespeare and the world of Othello and will give us a sense of some of the nuances of the language we’ll hear when we see the play.

March 23

We will be on Spring Break.  We will not be meeting.

March 30

We will ease back from break with a movie – to be announced.

April 6

Join us to hear about the experience students had on the Honors International trip to             Zimbabwe

April 13

Trans-Awareness – our own student Eri Svenson, and other students from Harper PRIDE will join us to discuss issues related to the LGBTQ community.

April 20

Immigration Lawyer Mary Leary will be coming in to talk about the state of immigration policy under the Obama Presidency.

April 27

Professor Charles Tocci, who teaches in Loyola’s Graduate School of Education, will come in to discuss some current controversies in education policy – from charter schools to common core.

May 4

Professor Michael Horton, from the Philosophy department, will come in with another idea     from philosophy that is sure to challenge our thinking.  He has already come in to argue that our minds are, in part, in our cell phones, and that as much as we may think so, there is no such thing as our ‘self’. 

May 11

Join us for food and fun with some Honors faculty as we celebrate the end of the semester.