World Languages

Discover the world through language.

The World Languages Department will provide you with diverse and international experiences inside and outside the classroom. Choose from a variety of classes in:

What level course should I take?

If you wish to study a language and do not have any experience with that language, register for a 101-level course.

If you have some knowledge of French, German or Spanish and plan to study that language at Harper College, you must take the free WebCAPE Placement Exam online. After the online portion is complete, contact us with your score to schedule a brief conversation with a professor in that language: Your course recommendation will be made based on the online exam and the conversation with a professor. 

If you have knowledge of Chinese or Japanese and plan to study that language at Harper College, contact us at

For individuals who have some experience with American Sign Language and are interested in credit coursework please make an ASL placement appointment.

Transfer Option: Associate in Arts Degree

Language classes you take at Harper will transfer to most four-year colleges and universities. Students often complete their first two years of study at Harper College and then transfer their credits to a four-year institution.

Many language classes meet the World Languages/Diversity Requirement.

Successful completion of a World Culture and Diversity course is a Harper College graduation requirement. These courses meet the requirement.