Japan is the third largest economy in the world

As a Harper student you'll have access to:Japanese Language

  • Day, evening and online courses
  • Free, individual and group tutoring 
  • Library with extensive Spanish texts and books
  • Study abroad options

At Harper, we offer five levels of Japanese instruction. Choose from credit courses in elementary and intermediate Japanese, as well as in intensive oral practice.

What level course should I take?

If you have no prior knowledge of spoken or written Japanese enroll in JPN 101, Elementary Japanese I. During this four-credit hour, one semester class you will be introduced to the language skills of pronunciation and useful expressions, listening, speech patterns, syllabary reading and writing, basic vocabulary and grammar. 

Students with experience in Japanese may also meet the prerequisites. To see if you qualify, please email the Department Chair Kimberly Jaeger at kjaeger@harpercollege.edu.