RN Refresher Certificate

Restart your career in nursing.

This program is for U.S. registered nurses who have been out of clinical practice for five or more years or for those trying to renew or obtain an Illinois state license.

Gain practical, hands-on skills and confidence in a program with 68 classroom hours and 104 clinical hours (includes orientation). Ideal for registered nurses working in non-hospital settings, nurses returning to the workforce or nurses who want to further their education in the most current medical practices. To take the class, you must attend the mandatory information session.

This course was recently written about in Nursing Spectrum magazine. Read the article on the Nursing Spectrum website and learn more about the course and the experience.


  • Current Nursing Practice Update, LNU8322


Attend the mandatory Information Session.


Courses for spring 2014.

This certificate is essential for RNs and radiology nurses working in non-hospital settings such as nursing homes and schools, nurses returning to the workforce, or those working in the most current medical practices.