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BRONZE CASTING (LEI 0076): The lost wax method of bronze casting dates back more than 5,000 years and is still regarded as the most precise casting method in existence. The process ensures that there is incredibly accurate reproduction of your original sculpture, with all of the original, exquisite detail recaptured. In this course, designed with the beginner in mind, we will provide demonstration and one-on-one assistance to help you learn this fascinating process. Students will be required to purchase metal. 

Click here to see our Bronze Casting video.

INTRODUCTION TO GLASS FUSING (LEI 0043): Glass fusing is an exciting art form where you fuse compatible glass pieces together in a kiln to create jewelry pendants, decorative wall tiles or mold-formed bowls, plates or vases. Examine various finished projects and discuss how they were made. Learn basic glass cutting and shaping skills, cleaning and layering techniques, and basic kiln programming. Previous experience not required. Tuition and fees include tool rental, some supplies and fusing fees. Purchase the glass of your choice for projects. Contact Suevel Studios for supply list one week prior to start of class at 224.735.2376.

INTRODUCTION TO JEWELRY MAKING (LEI 0029): Learn to hand-fabricate jewelry. Guided projects will introduce you to basic jewelry making techniques including sawing, piercing, stamping, surface texturing, making rolling mill patterns, soldering, polishing, finishing, simple stone setting, and more. You will learn to design and produce your own creations, make earrings, rings, pendants and other pieces. Tools and initial supply of sterling silver to complete the first basic project will be provided. Students will need to purchase their silver for future projects, or may use Harper’s copper supply. Students with some experience may work at their pace with instructor assistance. Find complete supply list at harpercollege.edu/ce. 

MOLD-MAKING (LEI 0019): Mold-making is a process used by artists to replicate objects from life or to transfer an object to a different material. You will learn to make basic molds to replicate everyday objects or your own sculpture. Mold materials will include plaster and rubber. You will complete the class by casting replicas using either slip cast clay or molten wax. Take advantage of learning traditional mold making techniques for rapid prototyping.

POTTERY FOR BEGINNERS (LEI 0064): Pottery beginners will learn both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques in this one introductory course. Weekly demonstrations and instructor interaction will develop and strengthen your skills. Experienced students will also benefit from instructor assistance and are encouraged to pursue their own interests or projects. Find the supply list for this course at goforward.harpercollege.edu/ce/information/supply.php.

Click here to see our Pottery video.

POTTERY STUDIO (LEI 0464): If you would like extra studio time to work on projects, register for additional time in the Harper College ceramics studio. The studio sessions will be supervised by an aide who you may consult on challenges, but there will be no specific instruction during these periods. You must be currently enrolled in Pottery for Beginners, LEI0064. 

POTTERY WORKSHOP (LEI 0364): As a continuation of Pottery for Beginners, this class will provide individual attention for your personal projects requiring more advanced techniques. Both wheel-throwing and hand-building projects may be undertaken in the context of this workshop. Students with a basic knowledge of ceramics will benefit from the deeper exploration of the ceramic arts. PREREQUISITE: Pottery for Beginners or Pottery: Wheel-Throwing for Beginners or equivalent experience.

POTTERY: WHEEL-THROWING FOR BEGINNERS (LEI 0164): This class provides the instruction needed to begin shaping clay on an electric wheel. Although this is the hardest technique to master, it can be very gratifying and most definitely fun. Weekly demonstrations and instructor interaction will help you develop and strengthen the skills needed for success. Experienced students will also benefit from instructor assistance and are encouraged to pursue their own interests and projects. Find the supply list for this course at harpercollege.edu/ce. 

STAINED GLASS FOR BEGINNERS: COPPER FOIL METHOD (LEI 0051): Learn how to cut and shape glass and assemble a stained glass panel using the Tiffany copper foil method. You will select your project from several beginning patterns provided by the Studio. Warning: You may have so much fun in this class that you will develop an overwhelming urge to create more. No experience necessary. Price includes tool rental and some supplies. You must purchase glass, copper foil, solder and framing material for your chosen project. Please contact Suevel Studios at 224.735.2376 one week before class to get supply list.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.