Theatre and Performing Arts

Theatre and Performing Arts


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INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE (LFA 0111): Come find out why “all the world’s a stage.” Whether you enjoy performing on stage or being part of an audience, this course gives you an appreciation for the major periods in the history of the theater as well as introduces you to the roles played by the actors, directors and designers in bringing a play to life. 

ACTING FOR BEGINNERS (LFA 0212): Get a basic understanding of the concept of acting. You will do simple exercises to encourage the development of voice, body, and mind in the creation of character. You learn the basic “terms and lingo” of the theater and have an opportunity to work on monologues and scenes. This class will also serve as a constructive refresher for those with some experience and will help you improve your basic communication skills in everyday life.

ADVANCED ACTING (LFA 0213): Advanced Acting is designed to give you further training, specifically in character development. You’ll work on more complex acting exercises in class and look at a number of different play styles. The class concludes with a showcase of scenes you have worked on through the course of the semester. The showcase is open to the public, providing an opportunity for you to perform in front of a live audience.

STAGECRAFT (LFA 0216):  Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a play? This course gives you the opportunity to study the technical aspects of theater production. You get hands-on experience in building sets in our Performing Arts Center and our Drama Lab. Come and be a part of that great group of people who never take a curtain call but who are crucial to any production. The skills you acquire may also help you with future home improvement projects: decorating, interior design, painting, and construction. 

IMPROV FOR EVERYONE (LFA 0046): Sharpening your improv skills will not only enhance your performances but will also increase your confidence with interacting in the business world. You will practice basic improv techniques as well as more advanced aspects that are utilized in complicated games. Skills including agreement, listening, and being in the moment are useful in both the improv and business worlds. Through exercises and games, you will tap into your creativity while thinking on your feet. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced improv player, join us for a fun, supportive environment where creativity can flourish. 

INTRODUCTION TO VOICE OVERS: GETTING PAID TO TALK (LFA 0003): If you have been told you have a great voice, you rely on your voice in your occupations, or you are simply curious about the voice over field, then this class is for you. Learn what the pros look for and how to prepare for interviews. You will learn what a voice over is, how they are created and who is involved. You will discuss how to find your specific voice niche, where to look for work opportunities and how to avoid common mistakes. You will hear audio examples from working voice over artists, and then you will record a short commercial script for playback at the end of class. This introduction to voice overs is taught by voice coaches, a collaborative of voice acting and production professionals.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.