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COMEDY SCRIPTWRITING (LLA 0049): If you have ever wanted to write a sitcom or film comedy, our comedy screenwriting course is for you. Explore where humor comes from and where to find material. Learn how to hone comic dialogue and create compelling comedic characters and story lines. Using examples, script analysis, video clips, and writing exercises, you’ll explore what’s needed to get your work into the marketplace. This course provides you with the solid foundation to write sketches, create a sitcom, write a “dramedy” (comedy-drama), or a big-screen comedy.

SCREENWRITING WORKSHOP (LLA 0045): Take the first step towards turning your imagination into text. Using a variety of prompts, you and your classmates will work through the process of creating an original screenplay. You will learn how to adhere to a specific set of standards and how to finish what you started.

WRITING THE TV PILOT (LLA 0044): It is the new golden age of television, and there is no better time to develop that great idea you have for a TV show. We will explore past and present successful television series like Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, Red Oaks, and The Expanse. We will steep ourselves in the varying structures of network, cable, streaming, and web series television. You will write and dissect plots and subplots, create dimensional characters, and sling captivating dialogue. By the end of the course, you will have written and workshopped a 30-minute or hourlong comedy, or drama that is ready for the small screen.