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CATERING SOCIAL AND CORPORATE EVENTS (LFS 0099): You will learn the principles of off and on premise catering. Using College resources you’ll produce foods and manage rooms to model catering activities. The class will culminate with an on-premise catered event produced by students. Also offered for credit FSM299-065.


SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE COOKING (LFS 0600): Take a culinary tour of the Southern Hemisphere with Chef Susan Taves. Starting with South America, then moving to the South Pacific, Indonesia, Australia and Africa, you will prepare regional dishes and explore the similarities and subtle differences of each region. Discover how many of the African staples found their way into the South American diets, fusing new world ingredients to form a new cuisine. This is a hands-on class and you will have a chance to taste all of the recipes. Also offered as credit FSM216-C01. 

CAKE DECORATING (LFS 0026): Create beautiful cakes for all occasions. Try your hand at creating fancy cake borders, flowers to adorn your cake, sugar molding and much more. Work with both buttercream and royal icings plus chocolate paste and rum sugar using the tools of the trade. Also offered for credit FSM173-C01.

GARDE MANGER (LFS 0029): Provides students with skills and knowledge in the preparation of cold hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, salads, garnishes, pates, terrines, mousses, vegetable carving, chaud froid sauce, tallow and ice carving. Should have experience in food preparation. Combined Lecture/Lab. Also offered for credit FSM163-C65.

HOME CANNING AND FOOD PRESERVATION (LFS 0006): This class is filled with everything you need to know to start canning and preserving food at home! Explore the historic importance of food preservation and the recommended safety measures to make quality, shelf-stable foods that will last all year. Participants will see the start-to-finish process of home water bath canning and will make a sampling of seasonal salsas, pickles, and jams to take home and enjoy.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.