Rita and John Canning Women's Program at Harper College

Education planning, job preparation and personal support services.

Education Planning: Set your goals. Create your plan. Apply and register for classes. Obtain financial assistance. Some funding may be available for tuition, fees and books.

Job Preparation: Explore your career interests. Learn about careers. Create a resume. Develop your job search strategy.

Personal Support Services: Identify your strengths. Experience a relationship of support. Work together with peers. Identify resources


To be eligible, participants need to meet low-income guidelines and at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Displaced Homemaker: an individual who has experienced the loss of family income due to divorce or pending divorce, separation, death of a spouse, unemployment of a spouse, or disabled spouse.

  2. Single Parent: an individual who is a single pregnant woman or an unmarried individual who has custody of at least one minor child.

  3. Non-Traditional Career Seeker: an individual pursuing a career for which one's gender comprises less than 25 percent of those employees

  4. Individual with limited English proficiency.