Campus Construction

Week of March 2, 2015

Canning Center construction (Building A) starts Spring Break.

Spring Break will usher in a new construction project, the Canning Center. Construction will take place from Spring Break 2015 through Fall 2017.

The Canning Center will be a comprehensive student center housing the One Stop, Enrollment Services, Bookstore, Testing Center and Student Development -- plus other services and departments.

The construction will begin with work on underground utilities that will close a portion of the campus around Building A.
Watch for more information.

The old section of Building D and Lake Drive are closed for construction.

See Map PDF.

Learn more about the reconstruction of one of the original six buildings on campus.


How will this impact you?

  1. You can no longer cut-through Building D to access campus or the new section of Building D. See Map PDF.
  2. To reach the new lecture halls in Building D (D193 and D195) or the math faculty from the Quad, you will need to take the sidewalk along the south side of Building D and enter the new section from the door under the link. See Map PDF.
  3. If you park in Lots 8 -11 and take the bridge across the lake, you will need to go around the west side of Building E to reach inner campus.
  4. Lake Drive and the parking spaces on Lake Drive will no longer be available. Those with accessible parking placards or plates may park in the parking garage for free. The new PACE bus pick up/drop off location is in Parking Lot 5. See Map PDF for PACE bus shelter.

For an overview of the long range plans for Harper College, see the full Campus Master Plan.

Building D, Phase II, Construction

Curious about the fencing around Building D? Watch this video to learn more about the renovation of Building D, one of the six original buildings on campus.

Feb 09, 2015