Campus Construction

As of August 1, 2015

Bridge Closed: 6/22/2015 - 8/18/2015

Restoring bridge over the lake that connects the north parking lots to campus. The current bridge sits below the high water line making it susceptible to flooding.

Temporary alternate access: During construction, please use the east and west sidewalks by Wojcik or Kris Howard Drive to access campus from the north parking lots (8 - 11).

Bridge Closing

New InZone Drop Off Area: Summer 2015

Due to construction, Summer 2015 InZone students will be dropped off in Parking Lot 1 by Building M.

The north end of Lot 1 will be designated as a drop off zone. Accessible parking spaces are being striped in two rows of the parking lot. See Map PDF.

Building A: Underground Utility Work

A portion of the campus around Building A is closed due to construction. Construction will continue through fall 2017.

  • Building A is open during the underground utility work, but some exits are closed. NOTE: In an emergency, the exits will provide a means for egress.
  • Temporary pedestrian paths provide alternate access to Buildings A and S and signage will be used to direct people to buildings.
  • Utility work will continue through this summer. Work on the addition to Building A will begin in fall 2015. The renovated Building A will open as the Canning Center in fall 2017.

See Map PDF of construction zone and alternate paths.

The old section of Building D and Lake Drive are closed for construction.

See Map PDF. See photos of the progress.

For an overview of the long range plans for Harper College, see the full Campus Master Plan.

New Construction Project to Impact Pedestrian Walkways, Access to Building A

Infrastructure work has begun in preparation for the renovation of Building A, the new Canning Center. Several entrances and the sidewalks around Building A will be closing this week when the construction fence is erected. Pedestrian detours are being set … Continue reading

Mar 30, 2015
What did you do over Spring Break? We knocked down a building.

The center section of Building D is gone. This week they will be breaking up the foundation. See more photos of the demolition and construction of Building D. In its place, we are building a new glass rotunda that will … Continue reading

Mar 29, 2015