Campus Construction


Building A Circle Drive: Sewer Work - 8/16 - 8/19/17  
Installation of new sewer piping by Building A circle. See Map. Access will be limited during this time.

Building B Boiler Maintenance: 8/18/17 - 8/20/17                                                                               From 10 p.m., Friday, August 18 through noon, Sunday, August 20, maintenance work will require the shutdown of the boiler system on campus. During this time, heat and hot water will not be available.

Building D: Office D237b  5/1/17 - 8/15/17 Complete 
Office D237b will be offline for repairs.

Building F: August 2016 - Fall 2018
Construction is in progress.  See Map.   

Building H: Bldg Energy Systems Tech., (BEST) Lab , 6/29-11/30/17   
Classrooms H166, H184 and H186 will be converted into the new BEST Lab for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology program.  The Lab will be available in the Spring of 2018.                                                                                             

Building M: 3/6/17-8/15/18   
Construction is in progress. See Map.

Buildings L: Bldg Automation System 4/3/17-10/30/17     
HVAC valves and controls are being upgraded in the HVAC rooms to improve heating and cooling control. HVAC will be operating with manual controls, slight temperature fluctuations may occur.  Contact facilities and temperatures will be manually adjusted as needed.


Buildings L & P: Elevator Maintenance 8/18/17     
Bldg L: Between the hours of 7am and 11am the p
assenger elevator near L255 (Provost Office)  will be out of service for maintenance work. The 3rd floor of Building L will have access from the stairs adjacent to the elevator.  Signage will be provided indicating alternate routes.

Bldg P: Between the hours of 11am and 3pm the passenger elevator at the south end of Building P will be out of service for maintenance work.  Signage will be provided indicating alternate routes. See Map


Building P: Bldg Automation System 3/13/17-10/30/17     
HVAC valves and controls are being upgraded throughout the building to improve heating and cooling control. Slight fluctuations in temperature may occur.

Building X: Repairs 7/14/17-8/21/17    Complete
Rooms X250 and the division office, X201a hallway, X101a hallway will be closed to perform repairs.


Building X: Dental Equipment Replacement 7/27/17-8/18/17     
Contractors are installing equipment.  Dental Hygiene Clinic will be closed periodically to facilitate the installation of new equipment.


Buildings X,Y & Z: Bldg Automation System 7/1/17 - 10/30/17
HVAC valves and controls are being upgraded throughout the building to improve heating and cooling control.  Systems will be manually regulated and should be fully operational by the end of September. Slight fluctuations in temperature may occur.

2017 Paving /Striping Maintenance

Work is complete.  Contractor will complete punch list items the week of Sept. 11.


2017 Sidewalk Repairs: 7/12/17-8/21/17     
Work includes replacing deteriorated sidewalk sections and stairs throughout campus. The contractor will post signage indicating alternate routes.  All buildings will remain open and accessible with at least two means of egress.