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CE summer 2017

Non-Credit Continuing Education

  • Career development, personal enrichment, motorcycle safety, the Lifelong Learning Institute, Center for Music and Arts, and InZone.
Strategic Plan

Harper College Promise Scholarship

  • A scholarship offered to every student in Harper's district that would fund up to two years of college.

Brayan Aguirre believes he has to work harder than most other 20-year-olds. When the Harper College student isn’t immersed in his nursing prerequisite courses, he’s helping to support his family through his job at a rehabilitation facility in Hanover Park. Despite that commitment to achieving his goals, Aguirre lives day-to-day in a cloud of fear and uncertainty. The reason? He wasn’t born in the United States.

Harper College’s 50th Anniversary Gala was a resounding success, surpassing the Educational Foundation’s lofty goal of raising $1 million for the Promise Scholarship Program.

Harper College, Northern Illinois University and Township High School District 211 have been selected to participate in a one-year “design challenge” that aims to dramatically move the needle on bachelor’s degree completion for community college students. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is funding the nonprofit Education Design Lab to lead the Seamless Transfer Pathway Design Challenge, which chose just four groups of two- and four-year institutions nationwide.

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The Hawks swept the MATC Stormers on Thursday.

The women's cross country team is ranked #1 in the first poll of the season.

The Harper College men's cross country team is ranked #1 overall.

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