Tuition Rates and Fees

Tuition Rates for Credit Classes

In-District Residents per Credit Hour $113.75
Out-of-district per Credit Hour $370.75
Out-of-State per Credit Hour $446.25
International Student per Credit Hour $446.25
*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Designated programs may have higher rates.

Please Note: Health Care programs may have variable tuition and additional costs. More information regarding specific health care career program costs is provided at the information sessions.

Fees for Credit Classes

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $25
  • Activity Fee, full-time student: $42; part-time student: $21
  • Registration Fee (non-refundable): $15
  • Students are responsible for payment of the $15 non-refundable registration fee for all registrations that are dropped for non-payment.
  • Technology Fee: $7 per credit hour
  • Construction and Renovation Fee: $9 per credit hour
  • Laboratory and Music Fees: Will be indicated at time of registration.

Estimated Tuition and Fees

Credit Hours In District Tuition Registration Fee Activity Fee Construction Fee Technology Fee  Total   
3 $341.25 $15.00 $21.00 $27.00 $21.00 $425.25
6 $682.50 $15.00 $21.00 $54.00 $42.00 $814.50
9 $1,023.75 $15.00 $21.00 $81.00 $63.00 $1,203.75
12 $1,365.00 $15.00 $42.00 $108.00 $84.00 $1,614.00
15 $1,706.25 $15.00 $42.00 $135.00 $105.00 $2,003.25
Credit Hours Out of  District Tuition Registration Fee Activity Fee Construction Fee Technology Fee  Total   
3 $1,112.25 $15.00 $21.00 $27.00 $21.00 $1,196.25
6 $2,224.50 $15.00 $21.00 $54.00 $42.00 $2,356.50
9 $3,336.75 $15.00 $21.00 $81.00 $63.00 $3,516.75
12 $4,449.00 $15.00 $42.00 $108.00 $84.00 $4,698.00
15 $5,561.25 $15.00 $42.00 $135.00 $105.00


Please Note: These are baseline fees for classes and does not include the cost of books.  Some classes may also have fees such as: Distance Learning Fee, Course Supply Fee, Other Course Fee, and Fast Track Fee.

Rates are subject to change without notice.


    * Cardiographic Technician certificate
    * Computed Tomography certificate
    * Dental Hygiene degree
    * Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography degree
    * Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree
    * Mammography certificate (RAD)
    * Nursing degree
    * Practical Nursing certificate
    * Radiology Technology degree


    * CGT prefix
    * CTOM prefix
    * DCS prefix
    * DHY prefix
    * DMS prefix
    * NUR prefix
    * RAD prefix

District residents 65 years of age and older are eligible for a 100 percent tuition discount for all credit courses. This discount applies only when registering three calendar days or closer to the first day of that particular class. This must be the student's initial enrollment in the class and there must be space available. Students may not drop and re-enroll for the discount. This discount does not apply to fees.

Harper College's Business EdVantage program allows employees who live outside of Harper's district, but work at an in-district organization, to take college credit courses at in-district rates. Current employment at an in-district organization must be supplied each semester a student is enrolled in class. A most recent paystub must be provided to verify current employment. See if your company is eligible for Business Edvantage.

In person verification may be completed for new students in Admissions Outreach, Builidng, C, Room C102. Current/returning students are welcome to visit the Registrar's Office located in Building A, Room A213.

Questions? Please contact the Admissions Outreach office at 847.925.6700.

Out-of-district students desiring to pursue a certificate or degree program at Harper that is not available at your local community college may apply for a chargeback or joint agreement from your local community college. For more information, see the community college serving the district you reside in.

Application Fee
A one-time application fee of $25 is charged to each new student applying for admission for credit courses. The fee, which is nonrefundable, covers the cost of processing the application.

Activity Fee
Students enrolled for 12 or more credit semester hours will pay a $42 activity fee for each semester; students enrolled for less than 12 hours will pay a $21 activity fee. No activity fee is charged for students enrolled only in Continuing Education courses. However, students enrolled only in continuing education may wish to pay the activity fee to obtain a HarperCard.

Registration Fee
A $15 non-refundable registration fee is charged to all students registering each semester for credit courses. If a student decides to drop all of their courses after they had registered for a semester, they are required to pay the $15 registration fee. If a student is dropped from a class for non-payment, an additional $15 registration fee will be assessed when the student re-enrolls.

Technology Fee
A technology fee of $7 per credit hour will be assessed for students enrolled in credit courses. The fee will support all technology throughout the campus such as computer labs, instructional technology, resources of the library, and Web registration.

Construction and Renovation Fee
A renovation fee of $9 per credit hour will be assessed to students enrolled in credit courses. The fee will support the College’s infrastructure and the renovation of outdated facilities.

Course Supply Fee
These fees are to cover the costs of consumable supplies, materials, requirements for Health Career programs or licensing for tests or software that is specific to a particular course and beyond those covered by the regular tuition.

Other Course Fees
These fees are to cover the costs of non-consumable supplies or materials. Students enrolled in MUS 100 level courses will pay $100 per course, per semester. This entitles the student to one 30 minute private lesson per week. MUS 200 level music students will pay $200 per course, per semester and will receive one 60 minute private lesson per week.

Distance Learning Fee
These fees are assessed to a specific courses that are listed as either blended or web-based.

Fast Track Fee
These fees are assessed to a specific courses that are listed as fast track.